STN Digital’s Winning Strategies in Women’s Sports

STN Digital’s Winning Strategies in Women’s Sports

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At STN Digital, we are passionate about creating impactful women’s sports marketing campaigns through cutting-edge social media strategies that drive industry-wide influence. 

Our dedication is showcased by our successful collaborations with top organizations and brands across various women’s sports leagues and events, demonstrating our commitment to driving growth, visibility, and engagement.

The State of Women’s Sports

Over the past few years, viewership numbers for women’s events have soared, with the 2024 NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship game drawing 18.7 million viewers, making it the most-watched women’s college basketball game on record. This surge in viewership reflects a growing audience that is increasingly interested in women’s sports. The National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) has also experienced significant growth. In 2022, the NWSL Championship set a viewership record with over 915,000 people tuning in, a 71% increase from the previous year.

This trend of increased support and visibility is also reflected on a global stage, with the Paris 2024 Olympic Games set to feature an equal number of male and female athletes for the first time in history, achieving full gender parity on the field of play.

The Value of Women’s Sports

The economic impact of women’s sports is profound. According to Deloitte, women’s sports are expected to generate over $1 billion in revenue annually by 2025. This growth is driven by increased media coverage, sponsorship deals, and higher fan engagement.

Sponsorships and partnerships in women’s sports are becoming more prevalent, with major brands recognizing the value and influence of female athletes. Companies like Adidas, PUMA, Nike, and Vuori have seen their women’s campaigns outperform average broadcast ads by 69%, 62%, 16%, and 8%, respectively, further promoting the visibility and value of women’s sports. Nike reported expanding their $9 billion women’s business, which has grown at a high single-digit rate on average over the past few years.

Ticket sales for women’s sports events have also hit record-breaking numbers. The 2023 Women’s World Cup Final in Sydney sold out with over 75,000 attendees, and the overall tournament set a new record with over 1 million tickets sold. The 2023 NCAA Women’s Volleyball Championship shattered previous attendance records, drawing 19,727 fans for the final match between Texas and Nebraska.

Digital engagement for women’s sports has surged, with women’s sports making up 15% of total sports media coverage in October 2023, up from 4%. These milestones underscore the rising value and influence of women’s sports, highlighting their significant economic and cultural impact.

Case Studies of STN Digital’s Success in Women’s Sports

Our work in women’s sports highlights our dedication to enhancing visibility and engagement for female athletes and leagues. Here are some of our standout campaigns:

Indiana Fever #1 Draft Pick: Caitlin Clark

STN Digital partnered with the Indiana Fever to capitalize on Caitlin Clark’s selection in the WNBA Draft. Our strategy focused on creating engaging social content to build anticipation and excitement. The campaign achieved remarkable results, including 927,792 engagements and 9.7 million video views. This case study showcases the impact of our creative storytelling in driving fan engagement and media coverage Read More.


For the launch of Scripps Sports’ WNBA programming on ION, STN Digital was tasked with generating top-of-mind awareness. Our data-driven campaign resulted in over 137 million impressions and a significant increase in Friday night viewership. We leveraged A/B testing, optimized content, and targeted key audiences to achieve these impressive results Read More.

On Her Turf: Social Media Management

STN Digital worked to establish On Her Turf as a leading voice in women’s sports. We provided comprehensive social media management, resulting in significant follower growth and engagement. Our efforts helped OHT become a go-to resource for fans and athletes alike, showcasing our long-term impact in this space Read More.

On Her Turf: Winter Olympics Social Media Management

As the official agency for NBC Sports’ On Her Turf, STN Digital provided 24/7 social media management during the Winter Olympics. Our efforts led to 18.4 million views on TikTok and 33,000 new followers across social platforms. We created strategic paid media campaigns to increase visibility and follower growth, demonstrating our expertise in managing high-profile events Read More.

Volkswagen and the US National Soccer Teams

In partnership with Volkswagen, STN Digital created an interactive WebAR experience featuring star athletes like Alex Morgan and Carli Lloyd. Fans could scan QR codes on VW’s new electric SUVs to launch 3D renderings, creating a unique, shareable experience that brought them closer to their favorite players. This activation exemplified our ability to blend technology with sports marketing Read More.

On Her Turf: Tokyo Olympics

Continuing our partnership with NBC Sports, STN Digital provided extensive coverage for On Her Turf during the Tokyo Olympics. Our strategic content development and platform-specific strategies led to significant follower growth and engagement. This project earned the Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Experience, underscoring our excellence in digital sports coverage Read More.

Continuing the Momentum in Women’s Sports

Our work in women’s sports has demonstrated significant results, from driving social media engagement to increasing visibility and fan interaction. By leveraging creative content, strategic planning, and innovative technology, STN Digital continues to set benchmarks in women’s sports marketing. 

If you’re looking to enhance your brand’s presence in women’s sports, let’s connect and explore how we can achieve great results together. For more information and to discuss potential partnerships, reach out to our team or experts.

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