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"When I started the company, I selfishly wanted to be around positive, energetic, funny and awesome people every day. We started hiring and before I knew it, we had a whole village of amazing, kind human beings that smile often and always look at the glass as half full. That energy is contagious internally and it carries over to all of our client relationships."


Core Values

Be Resilient

Not letting things out of your control hold power over you

Be Radically Candid

Never hold resentment, always communicate

Deliver Solutions

Bring Solutions, Not Problems

Bring Positive Energy

Bring good vibes and joy to every interaction

Team First

What is best for the ultimate success of STN?

Bring a Standard of Excellence

Deliver high-quality and on-time work

Quotes from our GOATS

STN’s positive culture saved my love of working in sports and entertainment. I’d worked in too many toxic environments, and was burnt out to the point of considering giving it up. I love turning on my computer every day, and getting to work with some of the coolest people and brands in the world.

Olivia Brestal Social Media Manager

What drew me to STN was the incredible list of clients, the potential for career growth, and the genuinely nice people I met during my interview process. I love that I get to work with such talented people in the industry every day who are also some of the nicest and funniest people I've ever met!

Lena Washington Account Manager

I chose STN because they work with the biggest/coolest clients in the Sports and Entertainment industry. With a background in marketing and having sports play such a big role in my life, getting the opportunity to start my career off at STN was a no-brainer.

Austin Abhay Jr. Account Manager

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our ongoing DEI efforts help us to continue our work towards equal representation, ensure a workplace that is safe and inclusive for all and allow us to keep making a difference with our clients and in our community.

Commitment to celebrating DEI through hiring, speakers, training and more

Partner with local universities & community colleges for volunteer & mentorship opportunities for people of color

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Active partnerships with female-led multi-cultural agencies

Community Leaders

We’re not meant for the sidelines. We take action.

Wishing All Variety of Entrepreneurs Success
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