STN x ION: How STN Garnered 137 Million Impressions and Drove a 77% Year Over Year Increase in WNBA Tune In

STN x ION: How STN Garnered 137 Million Impressions and Drove a 77% Year Over Year Increase in WNBA Tune In

Our Role

Paid Media
The Ask: 

With an impending Spring 2023 launch of Scripps Sports and WNBA, ION sought STN Digital’s expertise to establish top-of-mind awareness for their new sports programming. The goal was to establish ION as the place to be for WNBA fans on a Friday Night. From a marketing perspective, we understood that compared to the built-in support and organic engagement of the NBA or NFL, driving tune-in to the WNBA on ION would present its own set of challenges. Nevertheless, our data-driven campaign generated over 137 million impressions through paid media, content & strategy, and social media management. 

Here’s how we did it. 

The Work: 

To maximize our impact and reach, we implemented a comprehensive multi-phase paid media approach, beginning with building awareness and driving newly acquired audiences to tune in every Friday Night. Leveraging platform tools, we began to target specific key audiences through A/B testing and optimization at every level. From copy and creative adjustments to transitioning to the most cost-efficient platforms, we ensured our thumb-stopping content was uniquely tailored for the WNBA’s intended audiences across varying key markets. 

The Results: 

Establishing the brand’s socials from the ground up, we’ve cultivated a retargeting audience of over 2.1 million users for future campaigns. This was guided by our strategic recommendations, which also led the WNBA socials to generate 137 million impressions across platforms, with 13 million unique impressions on META alone. Their view rates finished 20% above historical benchmarks, and CPMs finished 30% below initial projections. With our impressive paid media approach guiding the way, Scripps Sports and WNBA on Ion saw over 150K clicks to their STN-built landing page and a significant uptick in Friday night viewership! 


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