Indiana Fever #1 Draft Pick: Caitlin Clark

Indiana Fever #1 Draft Pick: Caitlin Clark

Our Role

Content + Strategy

STN Digital partnered with the Indiana Fever to dominate social conversations surrounding the high-profile selection of Caitlin Clark in the 2024 WNBA Draft. 

Leveraging a mix of content creation and strategic planning, STN was tasked with bolstering the Fever’s content mix around its once-in-a-generation selection of Clark.

Caitlin Clark’s Record-Breaking Influence on Women’s Basketball

The Indiana Fever needed to capitalize on Caitlin Clark’s selection, not only because of her exceptional talent but also due to her ability to propel women’s basketball into mainstream media. Recognized as a generational talent, Caitlin’s presence in the WNBA is anticipated to boost ticket sales, enhance media coverage, and elevate the franchise to new heights.

The significant impact of her breaking the all-time NCAA scoring record has greatly fueled the growing interest in women’s sports, especially basketball. Her exceptional performance on the court has not only established her as a pivotal figure in the sport but also marked a significant moment for female athletes.

The increasing viewership figures are a clear indicator of this trend with the 2024 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament drawing exceptional levels of attention, and the Final Four game alone attracting 14.2 million viewers, setting a record for the most-watched women’s basketball game ever. This trend continued as the title game viewership surpassed that of the men’s for the first time, with 18.9 million viewers tuning in to watch the women’s final compared to 14.8 million for the men’s. 

The WNBA Draft’s viewership figures also soared to 2.4 million viewers, a monumental increase from previous years, showcasing a growing audience and enthusiasm for women’s basketball. These figures highlight a promising future for women’s basketball, with Caitlin Clark set to continue pushing the sport forward with the Indiana Fever.


STN sought to help ignite a wave of momentum affecting all facets of  Indiana Fever’s business operations, from ticket sales and corporate partnerships to merchandise campaigns and television viewership. The challenge was to transform the anticipation built over five months into tangible results during the draft event, capitalizing on the excitement surrounding Caitlin’s official arrival.

The project focused on maximizing exposure during the 2024 WNBA Draft through the Fever’s official social media platforms, including X (Twitter), TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The target audience included existing fans, potential followers, and stakeholders within the women’s basketball community.

The Approach

In contributing to the Fever’s plan of attack, STN Digital faced the significant challenge of maintaining fan excitement for an event that had been anticipated for months. The strategy involved crafting complex, narrative-driven social content that could transform the existing anticipation into diverse engagement metrics on draft night.


STN launched into high gear, brainstorming creative concepts that could do justice to the significance of the occasion. Pacers Sports & Entertainment, overseeing the Fever’s operations, encouraged STN to push creative boundaries.

The collaboration resulted in STN contributing three major creative projects designed to amplify anticipation and engage both established and potential fans. These projects included complex illustrations, dynamic 3D creations, and both motion and static visuals, each crafted to build a crescendo of excitement leading up to and during the draft night.

The Results

​STN Digital’s contributions to the Fever’s 2024 WNBA Draft output culminated in remarkable achievements across social media, firmly establishing it as a pivotal event in women’s sports marketing. This campaign was a huge hit on social media, establishing it as a key moment in women’s sports marketing. 

STN’s content was distributed across 10 social posts, earning spots among the night’s top-performing content. They received a total of 927,792 engagements, with an impressive average of 92,779 engagements per post. Video content was a standout, pulling in a total of 9,722,546 views, showing the powerful impact of the campaign’s visual storytelling. Additionally, the posts drew in 6,637 comments, reflecting an audience that was truly engaged.

A close look at the campaign’s content shows the strategic success of its varied approach. The Action Figure video on TikTok was a major highlight, grabbing  526,929 engagements and racking up 4,315,089 video views, making it the most successful post of all content shared on Indiana Fever’s social accounts since April 15th. 

The Trophy Room Illustration graphic also delivered outstanding results across Instagram, X (Twitter), and Facebook, showcasing its broad appeal across multiple platforms. These achievements emphasize the effectiveness of targeted content strategies and the value of working together to boost engagement and reach.

The campaign’s extensive reach was further boosted by significant media coverage and mentions from major sports media outlets such as ESPN, Overtime, Bleacher Report, and Ballislife. This not only increased the visibility of the Indiana Fever but also played a crucial role in drawing wider public attention to women’s basketball. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from both fans and industry professionals celebrated the Fever’s creative approach and marked the campaign as a benchmark in sports marketing.

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