STN Digital x Peacock: Influencer Marketing Campaign Resulting in 5.5 Million Impressions, 4.3 Million Reach

STN Digital x Peacock: Influencer Marketing Campaign Resulting in 5.5 Million Impressions, 4.3 Million Reach

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Having been a strategic ally for over two years, STN Digital was the natural choice for Peacock when they sought to amplify their influencer marketing campaign. 

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This enduring partnership has been highlighted by significant efforts, especially with the introduction of the Sports Sneak campaign and strengthening engagement after the NFL season concluded.

Throughout this collaboration, Peacock aimed to generate widespread awareness for its Sports Sneak campaign by partnering with a macro-level influencer and to showcase its comprehensive content library as an appealing option for football fans post-NFL season.

Leveraging its extensive network and strategic insight, STN Digital played a key role in the swift execution of these campaigns. STN’s adeptness in formulating a comprehensive strategy for the post-NFL season campaign was instrumental in boosting Peacock’s visibility and engagement at a critical moment.

The goal aimed to amplify awareness of Peacock’s Sports Sneak campaign and promote the platform’s diverse range of titles. Leveraging Instagram and TikTok, STN Digital targeted sports fans with relatable and engaging content.

@kyleandjade_ Football season may be ending but the competition lives on in our house thanks to @Peacock ! #PeacockPartner ♬ original sound - Kyle and Jade

Partnering with ‘Dude With Sign‘, who is known for his humorous and often relatable protest signs, shared widely on social media platforms. His wide-reaching influence was a key move to kickstart the Sports Sneak campaign, ensuring a quick and significant cultural impact. For the post-NFL season campaign, influencers with authentic connections to the content were engaged, allowing the campaign to resonate more naturally with the audience.

This strategic approach was chosen for its potential to immediately captivate a large audience and seamlessly integrate the campaign into popular culture. Engaging influencers who genuinely related to the campaign themes ensured the authenticity of the content, which in turn, enhanced engagement.

@themakeshiftproject The NFL x @Peacock character DRAFT! Which team won? Sign up for Peacock to enjoy all these characters and more! #peacock #PeacockPartner #football #nfl #tv #shows #movies #theoffice #streaming #ad ♬ original sound - TheMakeshiftProject

STN Digital meticulously managed all aspects of the campaigns, from identifying and negotiating with influencers to overseeing content creation and distribution, ensuring that each step aligned with the overarching goals.

The campaign produced impressive results, with 5.5 million impressions, 4.3 million reach, 475.7K engagements, and a remarkable 17.3% in-feed engagement rate. Notably, the rapid implementation of content through ‘Dude With Sign’, achieved in just eight days, set a new benchmark for the team’s efficiency. 

The success of the campaigns was evident in the positive feedback from both audiences and the client, highlighting the content’s alignment with key messaging and the significantly high engagement rates, surpassing expectations.

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