How STN Generated Mass Awareness For Poker Face through 360 Marketing and Creative Execution

How STN Generated Mass Awareness For Poker Face through 360 Marketing and Creative Execution

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In the winter of 2023, STN Digital began a partnership with Peacock for a 360 marketing campaign to help drive premium subscriptions and generate mass awareness for their new series, Poker Face. Through creative OOH executions, social media management, and content strategy our team launched Poker Face into the pop culture zeitgeist as the next big Peacock Original. 

In order to give fans an in-world experience of the show, our team strategically produced a 1-866-NO-BLSHT hotline for fans to dial into. The B.S. Hotline was a groundbreaking marketing swing that gave fans the chance to hear a custom recording from Natasha Lyonne’s character, Charlie Cale. Let’s dive in to see how our team launched and generated awareness for this unique strategy.

How STN’s Custom Hotline Generated Massive Call Volumes and Earned Extensive Media Coverage from Mashable, AOL, SyFy, and Collider 

Along with the launch of a B.S. Hotline, the project included a custom SMS experience where fans could text in and chat live with their favorite armchair detective from the show. STN built out a custom script for both the call-in hotline and the SMS that led participants through a series of storylines and adventures that introduced the Poker Face characters. Our team promoted this campaign through a comprehensive content strategy and thorough social media management.

To create awareness for the hotline, STN partnered with Peacock to develop a social media campaign that engaged several properties including The Office, Parks and Rec, and the show’s cast and creators.

Our team developed custom content that was in line with the witty and gritty Poker Face brand, and this content was shared across their social media accounts. This comprehensive social media strategy ensured that the campaign was widely promoted, leading to substantial levels of engagement and organic reach.

To give the campaign additional momentum, STN scripted and produced a cryptic infomercial that ran on streaming platforms and was part of a paid campaign. Our team also executed OHH creatives that included billboards and wild postings in Los Angeles and New York.

The Results

As a result of our innovative approach, the creatives sparked conversations that broke through digital clutter, gaining press coverage on platforms including Mashable, AOL, SYFY, and Collider

Overall, STN Digital’s 360 marketing campaign for Peacock’s Poker Face demonstrated the power of a comprehensive approach that combined creative out-of-the-box thinking, social media strategy, and innovative paid and organic tactics.

Dialing Up Excitement: Reactivating the B.S. Hotline to Spark Buzz for Poker Face for BLSHT Day

Continuing the partnership STN Digital worked with Peacock for a 360 marketing campaign in the SoCal market to generate buzz and conversation around the hit series Poker Face for BLSHT Day on June 10. Building upon the success of the initial B.S. Hotline concept, the hotline was reactivated for a limited time to support Peacock’s FYC event for Poker Face.

The reactivation of the B.S. Hotline aimed to continue creating excitement and engagement among fans, providing them with an immersive in-world experience. Alongside the hotline, the team collaborated with participating stores to offer free rewards, further incentivizing audience participation. This campaign extension showcased the team’s dedication to innovative and comprehensive strategies that combine out-of-the-box thinking, social media management, and engaging tactics to successfully promote Peacock’s Poker Face in the SoCal market.

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