Corona x STN Digital: Powerhouse Influencer Campaign Generates over 8 Million Engagements and 10 Million Impressions

Corona x STN Digital: Powerhouse Influencer Campaign Generates over 8 Million Engagements and 10 Million Impressions

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Influencer Marketing

In a crowded and noisy world of beverage marketing campaigns, Corona USA sought to educate key consumers about Corona Premier, their premium light beer product. Having collaborated with STN Digital previously, the Corona Premier team approached STN for assistance in executing Premier’s influencer campaign.


Corona’s request was to source content that would cut through the noise and evangelize key messaging for Corona Premier and authentically connect with the beer’s evolved consumer target: young professional Millennials with a lighthearted and betterment mindset.

Discover how the STN team utilized influencer marketing to establish genuine connections with their brand, engage target audiences, and convey a cohesive message to interested and relevant consumers.

The Strategy:

In addressing the marketing goals of Corona Premier, STN’s focus was on influencers in the comedic and betterment space primarily engaging with millennial audiences.

Corona Premier positions itself as a premium light beer, worthy of an elevated experience. Premier’s “lighter life” ethos lends itself to a fun and lighthearted approach, making the integration of comedic content the perfect pairing. Being a premium low-calorie option, STN understood the significance of also incorporating betterment and a healthy lifestyle content into the campaign mix.

The deliberate choice to concentrate on the millennial demographic was grounded in millennials’ heightened willingness to invest in their mental and physical well-being. As a premium and high-quality light beer, Corona aimed to connect with an audience appreciative of an elevated product experience – justifying the strategic alignment with the target market.

The Execution:

The success of our approach was reliant on a meticulous talent search and vetting process, involving close collaboration with the client to formulate influencer briefs. These briefs empowered influencers to create content authentic to their individual styles while effectively conveying key messaging. The following stages involved thorough content review and approvals, ensuring a harmonious blend of humor, betterment, and product integration. Leveraging STN’s robust network with influencers and their representatives, the team effectively optimized the budget, engaging with influencers typically considered beyond the client’s scope.

The Results:

The campaign demonstrated remarkable success in engagement and impressions. 

STN strategically engaged three macro influencers and eight mid-tier influencers to endorse Corona Premier as the preferred light beer option. The campaign achieved an impressive reach of 8.1 million, garnered 10.9 million impressions, and showed a strong engagement rate of 6.7%.

Additionally, among the top 5 Instagram posts on Corona USA’s feed (across all brands) for the year, four were STN influencer posts, seen throughout this case study.

If your team is seeking an outstanding influencer campaign, reach out to STN Digital, for impactful and effective brand partnerships. 


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