How Influencer Marketing for Corona Extra and Refresca Garnered 10M+ Impressions and 9M+ Reach

How Influencer Marketing for Corona Extra and Refresca Garnered 10M+ Impressions and 9M+ Reach

Our Role

Influencer Marketing

Corona Extra and Corona Refresca enlisted the help of STN Digital to achieve their Q4 FY22 goals and to help grow awareness for their brand through influencer marketing. 

To do this, the team helped Corona Extra creatively and authentically keep Corona at the center of culture and insert the brand into culturally relevant conversations to engage with new audiences. 

STN was also tasked with helping Corona Refresca grow awareness in the market by creatively and authentically inserting Refresca into key markets. The team did this by partnering with multicultural female influencers who embody and empower a “larger than life” spirit.

Learn how the team at STN used influencer marketing to establish authentic brand connections, reach target audiences, and deliver consistent messaging to engaged and relevant consumers.


How an Influencer Campaign Generated 10M+ Impressions for Corona Extra and Corona Refresca

To kick off Q4 2022, the STN team set out to strategically partner with fulfillment-seeking influencers to build awareness, excitement, and brand love for Corona USA and Corona Extra. Influencers were encouraged to showcase their favorite ways to enjoy Corona Extra and share how they live La Vida Mas Fina.

To ensure maximum reach and engagement, STN left no stone unturned in targeting a diverse range of influencers from various cultures and interests on Instagram. These influential individuals boast strong connections with their audiences and consistently deliver positive and authentic content on their feeds – making them the perfect partners to spread the word and make a lasting impact.

STN leveraged predetermined passion points – the interests that people deeply care about – to create a strong emotional connection between Corona Refresca and its target audience. With the help of the campaign slogan, #CrownTheBold, STN successfully facilitated partnerships with eight influencers across Corona Refresca’s target markets. With a campaign goal of 5% engagement, this campaign resulted in a massive 12.5% engagement rate – well above our goal and the industry average of 3% – as well as a bank of high-quality content for Corona Refresca to utilize for paid promotion.

The Results

Through a mix of Instagram in feed and Story content from micro, mid-size, and macro influencers, the ongoing campaign has generated over 10M total impressions and over 9M+ total reach across influencer marketing campaigns, exciting our ongoing partners at Corona Refresca.

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