How STN Generated Over 1.29 Million Views With Influencer Partnerships

How STN Generated Over 1.29 Million Views With Influencer Partnerships

Our Role

Influencer Marketing

To support the season 1 premiere of the new sci-fi thriller, The Lazarus Project on TNT, Warner Media needed an agency to help them make a splash. That’s where STN came in. 

Warner Media tasked STN to develop an influencer campaign that would generate excitement leading up to the series premiere and drive tune-in throughout the season. The result? Over one million views and some out-of-this-world engagement. 

How STN Influenced A Million Views for Season 1 of The Lazurus Project 

When Warner Media reached out to STN to drive tune-in for season 1 of The Lazarus Project, we worked with them to determine the best type of content to support the show. Through conversations, we decided to meet our intended audience where they are: on the pages of television and film reviewers across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Why Did This Work?

STN didn’t collaborate with just any influencer. Our team of experts made sure to partner with those who already lived and breathed in the TV and film review space. After multiple rounds of extensive influencer research, we identified 13 influencers with built-in and highly engaged audiences who were seeking the latest news and recommendations on shows and movies. Ranging from micro to macro level talent, we ensured the diverse range of influencers would resonate with our intended audience. 

As part of the campaign, we tasked influencers like Bryce Vaughn, Chris Stuckman, the J&J Family, and more to create a mix of review and lifestyle content throughout the show’s premiere, mid-season finale, and season finale. To create content that felt organic and less promotional, we provided influencers with early access to episodes so they could tease the show, driving linear tune-in prior to the episode airing.   

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Our influencer partnerships went beyond driving tune-in, we also tasked a select few to interact with audiences throughout the season by instigating conversations around the latest episodes, fan theories, and more. 

The Results 

By leveraging influencers already in the TV/film space, STN and Warner Media created a campaign that was organic to their channel and their audience, generating over 1.29M video views and 86K engagements across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Overall, the campaign produced an engagement rate of 6.67%, which is above industry standards across those platforms. 


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