Custom Digital & Social Audits + Playbooks

Custom Digital & Social Audits + Playbooks

Elevate your social media strategy and planning with our comprehensive digital brand audit. Your social and digital presence can always upgrade and improve – and this is done through fine-tuning performance and uncovering what works with an in-depth social media audit. Our proven process is simple:

STEP 1. The Audit

✔️ Our expert social media agency dives deep into your current digital and social presence and evaluates this to uncover ways to reach your goals and ROI, meticulously analyzing every aspect of your profiles and strategies.

✔️ We will also conduct a social media competitive audit and analysis by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of like-minded entities to your own.

✔️ Lastly, we execute a sponsored content audit, to ensure you are getting the most ROI from the content that already exists

STEP 2: The Playbook

After the social media audit is conducted, we now have the learnings to create a foundation based on data and insights. Our playbooks can include:

✔️ Social Brand Identity

✔️ Digital & Paid Media Approach

✔️ Tentpole Social Campaign Ideation


  • Sponsored Content
  • Platform Audits
  • Consumer & Industry Research
  • Best Practices Guidelines
  • Reporting & Data Analysis
  • Strategy Optimization
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Strategic Recommendations
  • Trending & Forecasting

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