2024 NFL Draft Social Performance Report

2024 NFL Draft Social Performance Report

2024 National Football League Draft Social Performance Report

Discover the social media strategies that turned the 2024 NFL Draft into a weekend of viral sensations with our meticulously curated report. We’ve sifted through the noise to bring you the smart plays and bold strategies that caught fans’ attention.

Grab our FREE report and unlock:

  • Engagement Breakdown: Zoom in on which teams mastered the art of engagement, creating buzzworthy moments with each draft pick and trade announcement.
  • Top Performing Posts: Get the inside scoop on the draft weekend’s top social media posts. Learn why they spiked the digital applause meter and how you can replicate their success.
  • Strategic Social Insights: Benefit from our expert analysis of the draft’s social media trends. Find out how fan engagement varied across different social platforms.

Perfect for marketers, social media managers, and brands looking to capture the digital crowd’s attention. Power up your posts with the energy of the draft’s best moments 🏈✨

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