How STN Digital Garnered over 1.4 Million Engagements for Wolf Entertainment

How STN Digital Garnered over 1.4 Million Engagements for Wolf Entertainment

Our Role

Content + Strategy

In September 2023, STN Digital embarked on a strategic partnership with Wolf Entertainment to revolutionize their social media presence. 

Tasked with amplifying their follower count and establishing Wolf Entertainment’s platforms as the primary hub for show enthusiasts, STN leveraged its expertise in content strategy and community management to meet these ambitious goals. 


Despite initiating the partnership during the challenging SAG-AFTRA strike, STN’s innovative approaches increased engagement metrics month-over-month.

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Objectives and Strategy

The central aim was clear from the start to significantly increase Wolf Entertainment’s follower base and engagement rates across key social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Threads, X, and TikTok.

To achieve this, STN implemented a multifaceted strategy focused on enhancing content variety and boosting interactive engagements. During the strike, content scarcity was a major hurdle. However, STN’s strategic content planning and robust community interaction ensured the continuity of audience growth and engagement.

Post-strike, STN reassessed and optimized strategies to further enhance our content offerings. The approach included heavy reliance on high-performing “Did You Know?” templates and the introduction of multi-title and cast crossover assets. These strategies not only diversified the content but also resonated well with the audience, evidenced by a 47% higher engagement on carousels compared to other content forms.

Execution and Creative Solution

To differentiate Wolf Entertainment’s social feeds from other related accounts, STN honed in on a distinct brand voice and developed content drawn from multiple content pillars that aligned with the brand’s ethos. 

This included a mix of behind-the-scenes content, character highlights, and interactive posts that engaged fans on a personal level. By collaborating closely with NBC and CBS, STN ensured the content was both authentic and aligned with broader network initiatives.

STN Digital’s creative department and social media team collaborated closely to identify and position content that maximized engagement. Regular brainstorming sessions and strategic discussions allowed STN to quickly pivot our approaches based on real-time analytics and audience feedback, ensuring that the content strategy remained agile and effective.


The strategic partnership between STN and Wolf Entertainment yielded outstanding results, far surpassing initial expectations.

Throughout the campaign, STN Digital delivered a total of 253 posts which collectively garnered 1.4 million engagements, representing a 107% increase compared to the previous year. 

Impressions were equally impressive, with a total of 22.6 million, marking a 116% year-over-year increase. This surge in visibility significantly expanded the community, attracting 47.4 thousand new followers

The engagement per post soared to 5,800 interactions, a staggering 324% increase, while the overall engagement rate rose by 10%. 

Video content achieved remarkable success, amassing 12.4 million views, which is a 260% jump from the previous period. 

These metrics not only reflect the robust growth in audience interaction and content reach but also underscore the strong collaborative efforts between STN and Wolf Entertainment.

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