Toronto Raptors’ Dynamic Partnership with STN: Garnering 1 Million Followers and Prestigious Award Nominations

Toronto Raptors’ Dynamic Partnership with STN: Garnering 1 Million Followers and Prestigious Award Nominations

Our Role

IdeationSocial Strategy

Going into their first-ever playoff season since our partnership began in 2021, the Toronto Raptors reached out to us to build out a custom yet comprehensive social campaign to capitalize on this historic moment. 

Our expert social and creative team came together to develop personalized content that not only gained over 1 million followers for the Raptors but resulted in three nominations for the Hashtag Sports Awards.  

 How STN Created Personalized Content That Surpassed Performance Goals

When the Toronto Raptors reached out with the goal of elevating their social presence throughout their playoff run, our team hit the ground running with creative ideation and customized content.

The campaign resulted in a series of premium photo manipulations, city-specific motion graphics, and hand-drawn animations leading up to the game. To take it one step further, we included a variety of Easter eggs pertaining to each game to drive engagement and fan excitement. 

Every piece of content was strategically designed to ensure the Raptors capitalized on individual game victories, as well as entire series wins. From there, we leveraged reactionary content in order to allow fans to relive major playoff milestones.

As the Raptors earned their way to their first NBA Finals, we became their 6th man of social, keeping the team at the top of their social game.

The Results 

STN strategized, executed, and delivered a successful campaign, including several rounds of still and motion graphics, custom illustrations, and videos for the Raptors to leverage on their social feeds.

The creatives overperformed in all areas, gaining over 1.43M+ followers across all channels, 50M+ total interactions, and 5M+ likes during their unprecedented playoff run. With high levels of engagement, our custom content was ranked #1, 3, and 4 of top-performing tweets (by Int. Rate).

The creative was also shortlisted for the Hashtag Sports Awards for Best Branded Content or Series, Best Real-Time Engagement, and Best Social Media Campaign!

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