How On-Site Production for TikTok at the Super Bowl Generated over 6.5M Views

How On-Site Production for TikTok at the Super Bowl Generated over 6.5M Views

Our Role

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STN Digital recently teamed up with TikTok as a production partner to help them capture on-site content at the Super Bowl Media Center. This included creating several on-site creative videos to have ready to share leading up to the 2023 Super Bowl.

STN and the team at TikTok worked with various athletes, celebrities, and influencers to capture content such as talent clips, engaging quick-paced videos, behind-the-scenes photos, and a sizzle that encompassed all the energy created in the TikTok booth. 

Let’s take a look at how our team helped TikTok take over the Super Bowl Media Center.

How STN Digital’s On-Site Production for TikTok helped Generate 6.5M Video Views

Early 2023, the team at STN was quite literally tasked with helping TikTok create TikToks! In order to deliver engaging videos, the team captured content each day on-site and quickly turned around multiple pieces of content. In total, the team captured 17 creative videos, an average 150 behind the scenes photos per day, and 2 long-form videos at the end of the event to encapsulate all the energy. 

The team did this by working with Athletes and influencers to create quick-paced content that performs well on the platform. This also included working with talent such as Cooper Kupp and Gary Vee and creating custom clips that they could then post natively on their channels to gain additional exposure. 

@tiktok living coach prime's motto to this day (TO THIS DAY) #TikTokTailgate #SuperBowl #NFL #SuperBowlLVII ♬ original sound - TikTok

The Results

The videos have accumulated over 6.5M views since posting. The sizzle created for TikTok has 1.1M views itself!

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