How STN Maximized Strategic Paid Media Campaigns to Promote Football Ticket Sales for SDSU Athletics

How STN Maximized Strategic Paid Media Campaigns to Promote Football Ticket Sales for SDSU Athletics

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Ahead of the much-anticipated opening of Snapdragon Stadium, SDSU partnered with STN to ramp up sales for season and single-game tickets for the 2022 Aztec Football season. Through a comprehensive 360 marketing campaign and concentrated paid media, STN generated nearly 2 million dollars in ticket sales revenue and kicked off the beginning of a lasting partnership. 

How STN Prepared  for Opening Day Success 

To set the tone for a successful season in their new state-of-the-art stadium, SDSU wanted to pack the stands with passionate alumni, students, professors, staff, San Diego locals, and the ultimate sports fans. 

We immediately stepped up to the plate, devising a paid media plan to generate excitement, amplify awareness, and convert that engagement into ticket sales. To reach as many people as possible, we divided the task into three tactics: build anticipation, retarget audiences, and continued optimization.

Strategy and Execution: The STN Road to Success

Phase 1: Building Anticipation

In the leadup to opening day, we generated significant buzz across social and throughout the San Diego region with a variety of quick-hitting videos. 

These videos were centered around the construction of Snapdragon Stadium and the recent success of the Aztec Football program. With the promise of a one-of-a-kind stadium for San Diego, each video spread awareness, increased excitement, and ultimately grew the target audience.

Phase 2: From Awareness to Action

Building off the success of phase one, the team focused on the newly exposed and engaged audiences and adjusted the paid media approach. In the five months leading up to opening day, paid ads pushed season ticket sales, then shifted to single-game tickets once the season began.

Phase 3: Optimization 

Throughout the campaign, STN consistently tested new audiences to reach as many people as possible in the San Diego Designated Market Area (DMA). The team also employed optimizations at every level to increase conversions – from audience shifts to creative adjustments – STN fine-tuned the messaging to resonate with potential consumers.

The Results: A Resounding Success

STN’s paid media collaboration with SDSU Athletics produced remarkable results, surpassing client expectations, including:

  • 418 season ticket reservations that generated $1.7 million in revenue for the university – an astounding 12x return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • $177,000 in revenue from single-game ticket sales – an impressive 3x ROAs
  • Conversion costs 50% below initial projections
  • A total of 1,700 ticket sales between season and single-game tickets
  • A staggering $1.94 million in total revenue  

By spreading awareness, consistent optimization, and our data-driven expertise, STN’s partnership with SDSU Athletics has produced remarkable results, showcasing the immense impact of paid media in driving revenue and engagement.

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