STN Launches CMA Summer Jam Through Social First Strategy

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The Country Music Association partnered with STN Digital to launch, promote, and drive tune-in to the first-ever CMA Summer Jam on ABC. Since our first CMA Summer Jam, STN has gone on to develop digital and social strategies for the following years, not only generating awareness but also distinguishing it from other CMA programs. STN also helped to promote on-demand and streaming options after the initial broadcast.

The team at STN developed a unified branding story that was eye-catching and vibrant to exude a summer feel across social to get fans excited and promote the end of summer special. This directly translated to concert lead up content, show tune-in graphics, on-site captures, talent-specific content, and post show assets.

STN worked on-site to create a behind-the-scenes tour, talent guitar pass, and additional promotional Instagram Reels to drive awareness and engagement.

Custom content in algorithm-optimized formats contributed to an impactful promotional campaign from start to finish. STN-created content generated 3.2 million video views and 263K engagements.

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