How STN Digital Elevated SDSU Athletics Resulting in over 300K + Engagements

How STN Digital Elevated SDSU Athletics Resulting in over 300K + Engagements

Our Role

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In an exciting collaboration, STN Digital teamed up with the San Diego State University Athletics Department, marking the fourth year of a successful partnership. 

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This initiative was designed to deliver comprehensive social media support throughout the 2023-24 Season, significantly enhancing engagement and awareness for SDSU Athletics across the digital sphere.


STN offered an array of services tailored to the unique needs of the Athletics Department. From Social Media Management that ensured a consistent and engaging online presence, to Content and Strategy that drove the narrative forward, Custom Audits & Playbooks that provided bespoke strategies for digital success, and Live Coverage support that captured the excitement of pivotal moments like the Men’s Basketball 2023 tournament games.

The project demanded a tailored solution that STN met with innovative social media content creation, development of both digital and print assets, and creative ideation that resonated with the audience.

A Digital Game Plan for Enhanced Engagement

With a goal as ambitious as it was clear, the strategy was complex. It was designed not just to engage but to envelop the SDSU Athletics audience in an experience that was both immersive and interactive. 

Social media content spanned from electrifying match-up graphics to festive holiday assets and beyond, ensuring that every significant moment was captured and celebrated. The strategy included a mix of digital and print content, from email banners to Men’s Basketball posters, ensuring that the Aztec spirit was omnipresent, both online and offline.

Targeting the Heart of Aztec Pride

The target audience was as diverse as it was passionate, encompassing San Diegans, college sports enthusiasts, SDSU alumni, and fans of SDSU football and Men’s Basketball.

The campaign unfolded within the lively setting of the San Diego community, an ideal stage for a team that embodies the city’s essence. Concentrating on platforms such as Instagram, X (Twitter), and Facebook, the campaign sought to connect with the audience in their preferred digital spaces, captivating them with content that resonated with their enthusiasm for Aztec sports.

The Execution

Kicking off with energy, the plan welcomed the client into the mix through bi-weekly discussions centered on innovation and tactics for engagement. These meetings, enhanced by brainstorming sessions with the client, were key in staying ahead of forthcoming events and milestones. Through monthly newsletters and analytics, the strategy stayed ahead of the curve, embracing the latest trends and cultural moments to ensure content remained engaging and current.

Building a Digital Aztec Empire Through Impactful Engagement 

The results were staggering, a testament to the power of strategic digital engagement. Over 390 social posts were crafted, leading to over 302,000 engagements over 14 months and a monumental surge in followers for SDSU’s Go Aztecs pages. 

The March Madness campaign alone saw a 7,222% year-over-year increase in engagements, with a 726% increase in total posts, demonstrating the magnetic pull of well-crafted digital content.

The impact of this partnership was felt in the heightened spirit of the SDSU community and the strengthened bond between the university and its supporters. The positive sentiment echoed across social platforms, reflecting not just the success of the campaign but the deepened understanding and appreciation of the digital space by the client.

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