How STN Digital Boosted NBC’s Sunday Night Football to Achieve 2.6 Million Engagements

How STN Digital Boosted NBC’s Sunday Night Football to Achieve 2.6 Million Engagements

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In an exciting collaboration, STN Digital joined forces with NBC Sports to transform the Sunday Night Football experience for the 2023-2024 season. 

With a nine-year partnership under their belt, NBC Sports looked to STN Digital to boost their social media presence. The goal was ambitious: make NBC and Peacock the go-to places for football fans, changing how the game is followed online.

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Facing the unpredictability of football, STN Digital tackled the challenge head-on. Each week, they produced engaging content, from dynamic Matchup Graphics, to celebratory Winner Graphics, and the popular Weekly Winner’s Club Illustration. Despite the sport’s ever-changing nature, including last-minute lineup changes and injuries, STN’s content stayed relevant and engaging.

See how the image above was designed:

NBC Sports aimed to create a lively digital space where fans could engage and get excited about Sunday Night Football. The goal was to break viewership records and create a sense of FOMO among football fans. Social media was key to connecting the excitement of live games with fans online.

STN Digital’s strategy was not just about reacting to the games. The team aimed to generate buzz and steer the conversation in real time, week after week. By consistently delivering engaging content, STN Digital provided a steady stream of reasons for fans to return. Questions like ‘Who will be added to the Winners’ Club this week?’ kept fans intrigued and coming back for more.

STN’s strategy was focused and effective, built around three main themes:

  1. “Ready for the Moment” meant capturing every key play with compelling social media content.
  2. “Keep ‘Em Coming Back” kept fans excited for what’s next. 
  3. “Focus on the Players” highlighted the stars of the show, encouraging fan discussions.

The campaign was a collaborative effort, with STN leading the creative process and aligning closely with NBC’s vision. Each piece of content, especially the Weekly Winner’s Club Illustration and Team Arrival visuals, helped strengthen NBC’s brand and connect with fans.

The Results: 

STN Digital’s efforts led to 2.6 million engagements across SNF’s social platforms, with exceptional performance on X (Twitter). Out of 270 original posts, 147 over-performed average metrics, highlighting the impact of STN’s content.

Notably, 84.4% of posts on platform X exceeded average engagement rates, with 95.4% of Team Arrival & Post-Win Photo Manipulations over performing.

In a season full of memorable moments, STN Digital and NBC Sports successfully enhanced the fan experience, proving that a well-executed social media strategy can turn the digital world into a vibrant community for sports fans.


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