How a Reddit Campaign and Influencer Marketing Boosted Awareness for Season 3 of TNT’s Snowpiercer

How a Reddit Campaign and Influencer Marketing Boosted Awareness for Season 3 of TNT’s Snowpiercer

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Beginning in 2021, STN Digital partnered with Warner Bros. Discovery to promote Season 3 of TNT’s hit show Snowpiercer through a Reddit strategy and an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram. The STN team utilized Reddit to spark conversation around the show and to give fans a space to discuss all things Snowpiercer, share theories, and laugh together. STN’s influencer marketing team  increased conversation around the importance of representation by speaking directly to the Blerd (Black Nerds) community on Instagram, which the show’s star, Daveed Diggs, is a proud member of.

How we drove conversation with Snowpiercer fans on Reddit

The STN team developed  a season-long Reddit campaign that consisted of weekly custom content creation and community management catered specifically to Snowpiercer’s fan base on Reddit.

To dive into the conversation, the STN team leveraged the popular “TNT Intern” account to post strategic humor and custom discussion-based content that allowed fans to theorize and talk about all things Snowpiercer

Our team leaned into the conversation by contributing to the weekly episode recap threads, sharing memes, and asking fans for their best theories. We created unique content that was humorous and engaged directly with the Reddit fan base. Custom memes and threads used inspo from The Office, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and the early 2000s

The “TNT Intern” account was able to drive viewership and spark conversation surrounding Season 3 of Snowpiercer by focusing on community management and creating an engaging space for fans to share their thoughts, theories, and laughs.

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The Results:

Thanks to STN’s social strategy, there was a 31% increase in Snowpiercer community growth on Reddit. TNT Intern’s subreddit karma, (a user’s score) grew by 430% compared to the previous season and post volume increased by 320%. To further contribute to the Snowpiercer community, we gave out over 200 Reddit awards to top commenters which promoted healthy dialogue and increased fan engagement.

How we targeted a niche audience using influencer marketing

To further spark conversation, our team set up an Instagram Live discussion with the star of the show, Daveed Diggs, who collaborated with key influencers to speak directly to the Blerd community about Snowpiercer and the importance of representation.

Our team went looking for influencers who were a Blerd in every aspect from experts in movies, to video games, and even cosplay. 

Once we identified our key BIPOC influencers, Khleo Thomas, Andre Meadows, and Mica Burton, we developed custom talking points for each with talent briefs, a run of show, schedules and a how-to guide with best practices for joining and participating in the Live. Our team also created talent green rooms and 1:1’s in advance to further guide the talent through the Live Process to ensure their comfort and overall event success.

Topics of the Live included nods back to the show as well as the influencer’s own Blerd-related experience and the overall importance of representation for the community. 

The Results:

Daveed’s interviews with Mica, Khleo and Andre sparked meaningful conversations and incredible engagement not only from their individual fan bases, but the Blerd community as a whole – Yielding a combined reach of 403K viewers and 448.2K impressions.

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