SDSU Snapdragon Stadium 360 Marketing: From Ground-up Construction to Game Day

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In the Fall of 2019, STN Digital had the honor of signing on to help San Diego State University generate excitement and awareness for what is now the historic Snapdragon Stadium, and ever since we’ve remained trusted partners. Over the course of three years, STN served as a trusted partner to help the university launch the brand new $350 million stadium from the ground up, all while promoting SDSU athletics to the masses. 

From the initial land purchase agreement to the groundbreaking ceremony, from months of stadium construction to the unforgettable opening day, the STN team executed a full-scale 360 marketing campaign that was nothing short of amazing. The team utilized a variety of marketing tactics including traditional media, digital media, commercial buys, owned media, influencer marketing, stunts and activations, publications, partnerships, PR, and paid media to bring the project to life.

Are you ready to hear more about our 360 marketing campaign and how the STN team helped generate excitement and awareness for the Snapdragon Stadium? Let’s dive in!

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How 360 Marketing Generated  2.7 Billion Impressions and Garnered Local and National Awareness for the Snapdragon Stadium

For three thrilling years from 2019 to 2022, the STN team was on-site, documenting the progress of the stadium every step of the way. We spent over 100 weeks capturing every exciting moment to ensure that the country would witness the birth of something truly special.

As the excitement built towards the opening day on September 3rd, we pulled out all the stops to promote the university and its new Snapdragon Stadium. We “painted the town red” with a winning combination of PR, linear, paid and digital media, social media, in-person stunts, OOH/DOOH advertising, and influencer + ambassador marketing. We left no stone unturned, delivering a full 360 marketing campaign that was as bold and dynamic as the stadium itself.

Check out the timeline of our work below!

To ensure that we reached our goals while staying true to our comprehensive 360 marketing approach, we divided our efforts into three distinct phases. Each phase had its own set of targets, messages, and timelines, allowing us to stay laser-focused on delivering results every step of the way.


Phase One – Generate Awareness

To generate both local and national buzz, our team at STN utilized a captivating blend of stunning visuals and exciting copy to introduce Snapdragon Stadium to the country. We provided extensive coverage of the project’s key milestones, including critical construction updates and historical moments that were instrumental to the stadium’s creation.

The team also meticulously crafted a content strategy plan that included launching new social media channels to raise awareness and build brand recognition. The result? A compelling campaign that captured the attention of audiences near and far, and left an indelible mark on SDSU athletics.

Phase Two – Garner Engagement

Our mission was to not only create excitement around Snapdragon Stadium, but to also build brand loyalty and increase fan engagement. Our team provided first-to-market glimpses of the stadium through stunning video creatives and a carefully crafted content strategy.

One of the most exciting parts of the campaign was the Indianapolis activation that coincided with the NCAA Championship. We took over the airport with eye-catching visuals strategically positioned to capture the attention of key athletic stakeholders who were in attendance for the championship. This unique and fun stunt helped solidify SDSU’s image as a major presence in NCAA athletics. Feast your eyes on the results:

Phase Three – Create Action

After successfully creating a buzz and building excitement among the loyal fan base, STN turned their attention towards converting this awareness into tangible action.

Using targeted paid media strategies, our team drove the most engaged users from phases one and two directly to, where they could view upcoming events and easily purchase tickets. This seamless approach helped to not only drive ticket sales but also solidify the brand’s reputation as a premier destination for college football and entertainment.

snapdragon stadium paid media results

Snapdragon Stadium 360 Marketing – Award Winning Results

The 360 marketing campaign not only put Snapdragon Stadium on the map as the premier college football and entertainment hub, but also successfully drove ticket sales for opening day, football season, and other events. And it wasn’t just a simple one-and-done campaign. STN went above and beyond over the three-year period leading up to the stadium’s opening day by:

  • Launching 4 new social channels to expand the reach of the Snapdragon Stadium’s brand
  • Partnering with 6 influencers and 2 official brand ambassadors to create authentic buzz and engagement
  • Securing 50+ press hits in notable publications such as The San Diego Union Tribune, CBS8 San Diego, NBC7 San Diego, Associated Press, and Sports Business Journal
  • Serving over 60+ digital ad units to reach targeted audiences
  • Executing 45+ high impact buys across San Diego to generate maximum visibility
  • Facilitating 2 spots during NFL’s Super Bowl week and a pregame show for added exposure

The impressive three-year campaign ultimately generated over 2.7 billion media impressions, solidifying Snapdragon Stadium’s position as a major player in the world of college athletics and entertainment. This campaign also catapulted J.D. Wicker, the Athletic Director at San Diego State University, into the spotlight. Recognized for his outstanding contributions, J.D. Wicker was honored with the esteemed title of Athletic Director of the Year by the Sports Business Journal Awards, further cementing his legacy. Additionally, Snapdragon Stadium received a nomination for Facility of the Year at the Sports Business Journal Awards, highlighting its excellence and impact in the sports industry. Together, these achievements underscore the remarkable success of the campaign and the lasting impact it has had on both individuals and the stadium itself.

Highlighted by their partnership with STN Digital, San Diego State’s successful marketing efforts, aimed at gaining national recognition, were also recognized by Sports Illustrated, solidifying their position as a program on the rise.

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