Securing the Bag: An STN Original Docuseries

Securing the Bag: An STN Original Docuseries

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Original Content Production

After a successful launch of All Elite Wrestling in 2019 and an ongoing partnership, Warner Bros. tapped STN Digital once again to develop a true, in-depth docuseries that educates viewers about the NIL and celebrates the opportunities afforded to Black athletes through the updated NCAA policy. It is part of their MORE from Us initiative which is a platform that amplifies, celebrates, and empowers Black voices from TBS Network, TNT Drama, and TruTV. The docuseries aimed to uplift and highlight the achievements and experiences of Black athletes, showcasing their talents and contributions to the world of sports.

On July 1, 2021 – the landscape of college sports changed forever. For the first time in NCAA history, college athletes across the nation could now profit off their name, image, and likeness. NIL refers to the use of an athlete’s name, image, and likeness through marketing and promotional endeavors. This policy enables student-athletes in NCAA D1, D2, and D3 to receive compensation for their NIL and marks a significant change in the NCAA’s stance on NIL compensation for student-athletes. Some high schools can now benefit from the NIL as well.

The docuseries titled, Securing the Bag, explores how Black college athletes are creating a legacy outside of their athletic prowess. The series follows D’Eriq King and Haley Jones as they juggle school, family, sports, and now paid NIL opportunities.


How STN used Original Content Production to Develop a True, In-Depth Docuseries

In order to bring the series Securing the Bag to life, the team at STN utilized original content production. This involved conceptualizing compelling storylines for each episode, crafting powerful scripts, leveraging the creative team’s expertise, and executing seamless full production and post-production. 

Our team ensured the production crew behind the scenes was predominantly Black individuals, people of color, and women. By intentionally promoting diversity and inclusivity behind the scenes, we ensured that the project resonated deeply with the lived experiences and perspectives of the Black community. This deliberate approach empowers underrepresented voices and elevates their contributions, making Securing the Bag a powerful testament to the power of diversity in storytelling.

Every athlete can approach NIL differently, and our series explores how athletes in different sports have navigated these opportunities.


Recognition as a Shorty Impact Awards Finalist

Securing the Bag has earned distinction as a finalist in the prestigious Shorty Impact Awards for the Documentary Short Category. This nomination signifies the documentary’s remarkable impact in enlightening viewers about the NIL policy and highlighting the experiences of Black college athletes, positioning the project as a significant force for positive change in the realm of collegiate sports and societal narratives.

Take a moment to watch both episodes below:

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