PUMA Performance: LQDCELL Tension Rave Shoe Release

Our Role

Content + StrategyProduction

The Ask:

In 2019, PUMA Performance was looking to capitalize on their upcoming LQDCELL Tension Rave shoe release by showing the capabilities of the product in a way to engage their customers on social. PUMA Performance partnered with STN Digital to do this by creating custom branding, product photography, as well as filming illusion cushion and on model videos.

The Work:

Throughout the partnership, our team shot and produced product photography for the launch in-house and on-location to display the versatility and variety the shoe offers. We also created branded graphics that included a custom honeycomb texture to play up the technology found in the sole of the shoe, a custom background to add movement, custom stickers showcasing stability, and PUMA branding to give it a more urban vibe.

We also created product model videos to focus on the range of different motions and exercises that the LQDCELL Tension Rave can handle. Throughout the video, the team added subtle effects to help bring the stability and cushioning of the LQDCELL Tension Rave to life in their exercises.

On top of this, we created illusion cushion videos where an athlete can be seen doing a variety of challenging exercises, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the LQDCELL Tension Rave shoes. The goal was to engage viewers on social and encourage them to watch the videos over and over again to figure out the illusion and show their friends wondering, “Is this legit?”

The Results:

The launch was an extreme success; the content our team created was shared on both Puma’s (@pumaperformance and @puma) Instagram handles, gathering over 150K likes combined. Some outstanding results include a post which ranked the #1 over-performing post of past 30 days, as well as posts that ranked as the #3 and #4 highest performing posts for the past year for @pumaperformance. One video in particular, received over 61K views which was 51.9K more than the average video post on Puma Performance during this time frame.

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