E! New York Fashion Week

Our Role


The Ask:

E! has partnered with STN for the past three New York Fashion Week seasons to create unique and interactive experiences for talent and influencers entering the E! Lounge at Spring Studios. They were looking for eye-catching and interactive content to be created and delivered on-site to talent to post in real time on their feeds.


The Work:

From Parisian-themed ‘Celfies’, to dramatic and eye-catching GIFs, film reels, vintage effects, and polaroid treatments – talent and influencers were directed to help capture dynamic and highly shareable content for social.

The content produced was created to be social friendly and work for influencers styles to highlight their looks for New York Fashion Week by capitalizing on Instagram Story formats, GIFs, and high quality photography.

The Results:

We produced hundreds of pieces of content delivered in real-time to pass along to influencers and talent to share organically on their feed right after shooting with the STN team.

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