Indiana Pacers: From Creative Innovation to Award Recognition 

Indiana Pacers: From Creative Innovation to Award Recognition 

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The Indiana Pacers partnered with STN Digital to capitalize on key campaigns throughout the regular and postseason. STN has become a seamless extension of the Pacers’ internal team and continues to provide unique social content to help fans feel connected to the team.

This season’s groundbreaking content yielded recognition from the 2023 Hashtag Sports Awards for Best Use of Motion Graphics or Animation.

How The Pacers Landed Two Nominations For the Hashtag Sports Awards for Best Use of Motion Graphics

With three years of partnership and collaboration already under our belt, the Pacers came to us with three goals in mind: create buzz, attract new fans, and increase existing engagement. The team at STN was on standby to help the Pacers capitalize on big moments through content ideation and strategy along with best-in-class social assets.

The ‘Scary-Good’ Content 

Building off point guard Tyrese Haliburton’s breakout season, the Indiana Pacers wanted innovative social content that could blaze through the cluttered social feeds to captivate fans and push the boundaries of what is possible in digital sports media. This was an innovative and attention-grabbing Halloween tribute to Tyrese Haliburton, and it set the bar for what teams can accomplish in the video and 3D animation space. 

Taking advantage of Haliburton and the Pacers’ success, the post left a lasting impact on fans. The high levels of engagement across platforms were a testament to the project’s success and its effectiveness in captivating audiences.

Pacers Fans’ Epic Opening Night

STN also brought Pacers fans closer to their team and their passion with an animated journey through Gainbridge Fieldhouse on Opening Night. The illustration was a masterclass in increasing engagement and fan appreciation by capturing the emotions and experiences of the everyday Pacers fan. 

It not only elevated brand awareness for both the team and Kroger, but it also set a new precedent for partnered content. Its impact has been felt throughout the fan base, creating an immersive experience through motion graphics and animation. 


The Results

Through our unique blend of VFX and 3D animation, the Hali-ween post had 15.2x more engagements than the average post on the Pacer’s Instagram feed and 5.2x on their TikTok, as well as a noteworthy performance on X and Facebook.

Apart from its effectiveness in engaging fans, the Pacers Opening Night: Infinite Zoom Illustration piece also stood out in the feed as a prime example of successful sponsored content. The partnership with Kroger showcased that, with a well-executed concept and high-quality execution, sponsored content can be just as impactful and memorable as other forms of advertising.

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In recognition of its innovative approach and impressive results, both of these pieces were shortlisted for the 2023 Hashtag Sports Awards for Best Use of Motion Graphics or Animation. 


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