STN Digital Scores Big with over 2.5 Million Postseason Social Engagements for the Green Bay Packers

STN Digital Scores Big with over 2.5 Million Postseason Social Engagements for the Green Bay Packers

With a partnership dating back to 2016, STN Digital and the Packers embarked on a shared mission: to tap into the unshakeable passion of Green Bay’s fans and amplify it through exciting digital experiences.

As the Packers geared up for their 2024 playoff run, STN Digital was called up to rally the Cheeseheads. Leveraging their expertise in Content & Strategy and Live Coverage Support, STN elevated the Packers’ online presence to championship heights.

Engaging Packers Nation

With the aim to maximize fan engagement on social media throughout critical playoff games, STN Digital deployed a diverse strategy tailored to the unique needs of the Green Bay Packers. This initiative targeted Packers fans across various platforms, fostering anticipation and excitement through pre-game hype and in-game coverage.

In the buildup to each playoff matchup, STN sparked lots of activity to get fans talking well ahead of time. From commemorating pivotal playoff-clinching moments to highlighting game-specific insights and location details, STN ensured that playoff football became an immersive 24/7 entertainment experience for Packers faithful.

During the heat of the action on game days, STN’s real-time content production kicked into high gear, celebrating every touchdown, the successful drives, score updates, and of course, the wins. This dynamic approach not only heightened fan engagement but also provided valuable support to Packer’s corporate sponsors, delivering essential social success metrics and strengthening the organization’s partner revenue stream.

Crafting a Winning Game Plan

STN Digital strategically employed narrative building to maximize fan engagement, tailoring creative recommendations to team performance and opponent specifics. Leveraging their longstanding partnership with the Packers, STN’s expert team crafted concepts designed to resonate deeply with the fanbase.

This approach was ideal for playoff football’s unique demands, recognizing the need for continuous engagement beyond game days. By providing compelling social content, STN Digital energized the fanbase, enabling the Packers to seize their biggest online moments.

The Results

STN Digital delivered remarkable results for the Green Bay Packers’ digital engagement. With over 2.5 million organic social engagements and 53 over-performings during the playoff run alone, STN’s content captivated and energized Packers fans across all platforms.

STN-produced content was responsible for each of the top three performing posts on Facebook, the creation of the top performing non-reel in-feed post on Instagram for the entirety of the regular and postseason, and the creation of the top two performing posts on X for the entirety of the regular and postseason.

By rallying the fanbase and centralizing social conversations around Packer’s channels, STN not only elevated the organization’s online presence but also delivered significant social value for Packer’s corporate sponsors.

The positive feeling generated by STN’s content was clear as day, as evidenced by the enthusiastic feedback from fans in the comment sections.

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