FX: Breeders Season 2 Social Campaign + Content Creation

FX: Breeders Season 2 Social Campaign + Content Creation

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Fresh off the heels of their season 1 success, FX was looking for a partner to develop an exciting creative social campaign and drive awareness for the season 2 premiere of Breeders. STN hit the ground running,  helping FX tap into their target audience through relatable, witty, and engaging content throughout the season.

The team at STN brought the show to life online with countdown graphics, character bio cards, static quote cards, meme videos, and an A-Z parenting series. Fans loved engaging with the content which saw an interaction rate 1000% higher than the industry average. The Breeders Instagram account grew by 35% over the course of the campaign.

Character Bio Card                                                                                                              Meme Videos

Overperforming Score: 2.01x                                                                                    Overperforming Score: 56.71x

Interaction Rate: 22.17%                                                                                            Interaction Rate: 480.95%


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