How We Used Paid Media to Drive SDSU Undergraduate Applications

How We Used Paid Media to Drive SDSU Undergraduate Applications

Our Role

Paid Media

The college application season is a whirlwind. That’s why – as a trusted partner since 2019 – San Diego State University tapped STN to excite potential students and ramp up their applications. 

Our data and analytics team came together to develop a comprehensive paid media plan that leveraged data-driven insights and targeted approaches to amplify awareness and increase undergraduate applications by 8%. 

Using Paid Media To Bolster SDSU Applications 

Foundation is Key 

When San Diego State University came to STN with their key regions to focus on – Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, and Nevada – we quickly developed a strategy to meet the target audience where they were. This served as a foundation not only to craft hyper-targeted content but also to determine the budget allocation for the specified regions. 

Creatives That Inspire Action 

With our paid media team to support SDSU, we produced a series of inspirational videos and graphics that showcased the potential lifestyle of a San Diego State University student based on their 2022 tagline, ‘Transform Your Tomorrow.’ From renowned academic programs to everyday life in San Diego, we ensured all creatives laddered back up to their core message of creating a better future through academic excellence, culture, and undiscovered friendships. 

The Results 

By building an effective paid media strategy and developing impactful creatives, we effectively increased traffic, garnering over 500k clicks to San Diego State University’s website at 25% below projected costs

Overall, SDSU saw an 8% increase in college applications with their focus regions, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, and Nevada, all yielding increases of 16-40% year over year

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