Chicago Bears: Social Media Management + Content Creation

Chicago Bears: Social Media Management + Content Creation

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The Chicago Bears partnered with STN Digital for the sixth year in a row with a strategy and points package to capitalize on their 2020-2021 season. STN ensured the Bears were at the forefront of the social conversation by tapping into the latest industry trends and innovations. The STN team was on standby throughout the season to help the Bears capitalize on big moments.

“In the sixth season as partners, STN Digital and the Bears created some of the most cutting-edge and innovative content to date. To compliment top-of-the-line motion and static design, STN created regular AR filters throughout the season allowing the Bears’ social feed to lead the way in terms of pushing boundaries in the world of NFL social.”


To help the Bears stay connected with their fans during COVID, the STN team developed four custom AR filters. This created a fun, interactive, and unique way of engaging fans in a season when they couldn’t enjoy the action at Soldier Field. These AR filters were a staple in the Bears’ overall social strategy, giving the in-person experience at home.

STN worked with the Bears to create unique TikTok content throughout the season to keep fans engaged and excited about the team across platforms.

During the 2020-2021 season, STN worked with the Bears to create unique social content that helped fans feel connected to the team even if they couldn’t be at Soldier Field. Throughout the season, this content drew over 1.5M total engagements and exceeded industry benchmarks across the board.

OVER PERFORMED BY 5.7X                                                                                      OVER PERFORMED BY 4.6X 

OVER 5K REACTIONS.                                                                                                  OVER 16.3K REACTIONS


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