AEW Rampage Takes Over the Streets of Pittsburgh Generating 1.2 Million Impressions

Our Role


When All Elite Wrestling came to us in 2017 with a goal of driving awareness to their new wrestling program, we quickly signed on as their AOR. Several years later our partnership has soared to new heights. In conjunction with the premiere of AEW Rampage, Warner Bros. Discovery + All Elite Wrestling partnered with STN Digital to develop a stunt in Pittsburgh to generate awareness around #AEWRampage. Working with local talent, STN coordinated a group of 45+ to skate and bike through the streets in Darby Allin “warpaint,” promoting the live broadcast premiering the same day.

Creatively adhering to COVID protocols, skaters wore masks featuring Darby Allin’s signature half skull look. STN coordinated with Darby Allin and had him lead his fan base through the streets. Further incentivizing awareness, brand ambassadors gave away custom merch to fans and gathered signups for the All Elite Fleet newsletter.

#1 post on X with a 14.7% engagement rate.

Across Instagram and X, there were over 1.21 million impressions on content posted in feed, with exponential additional impressions on the ground in Pittsburgh.

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