Elevating the 30th SAG Awards

Elevating the 30th SAG Awards

Our Role

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STN Digital collaborated with the SAG Awards for the 8th year of a successful partnership, to enhance the excitement for their 30th annual ceremony. This year marked a significant milestone as it was Netflix‘s first live-streamed awards show.

Tasked with building anticipation through engaging lead-up content and delivering comprehensive live coverage on the big night, STN Digital aimed to create a digital buzz that resonated worldwide.

STN aimed to boost digital interaction and prolong the event’s impact across various platforms, ensuring the 30th celebration of the SAG Awards—a cornerstone in the awards season celebrated by over 119,000 SAG-AFTRA members—was recognized globally. The strategy focused on not just capturing attention but celebrating this milestone across the world.

Strategically, STN Digital operated both at the SAG Awards live event and remotely from STN Digital’s HQ, fostering a dynamic synergy that allowed for agile content management. This included a team of live coverage directors, social media managers, community managers, and designers who worked swiftly to publish content for the live event. This setup ensured that every significant moment was captured and shared instantaneously. 

Anticipating key moments such as viral celebrity reunions, STN Digital’s creative team expertly leveraged quick-turn event-branded graphics with show-specific copy that seamlessly weaved in nods to pop culture and celebrated the winning show & film titles of the night.

The visual and verbal narrative was harmonized through a meticulously developed style guide and toolkit by STN Digital, ensuring that all content maintained a consistent and celebratory theme. This strategic alignment allowed STN to capitalize on real-time events, integrating them seamlessly into the narrative framework.

The Results: 

The results spoke volumes with a 44% increase in total post volume and dramatic rises in online engagement, with a 388% boost in impressions and a 164% rise in engagements. The digital buzz was clear, resonating across platforms and significantly increasing tune-ins for the award show.

STN Digital’s efforts were met with widespread acclaim, with stakeholders and influencers, including Taylor Zakhar-Perez at the Ambassador Dinner, praising the campaign’s impact and the high quality and shareability of the Ambassador Graphics.

The 30th Annual SAG Awards was not only a celebration of stellar performances but also a testament to how effective digital storytelling can elevate an event’s presence to unprecedented levels. STN Digital’s proactive and strategic approach turned the SAG Awards into a night to remember, setting new benchmarks for digital engagement.

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