March 9, 2023

What’s STN Reading? Bestsellers We Couldn’t Put Down

What’s STN Reading? Bestsellers We Couldn’t Put Down

Take a break from your day and dive into the latest literary obsessions from our employees here at STN Digital. Here, you’ll find a diverse range of book recommendations from our team of avid readers, covering everything from historical fiction to hip-hop. 

Whether you’re looking for a page-turner to escape into, a thought-provoking read to challenge your perspective, or just some good old-fashioned entertainment, we’ve got you covered. So, grab a cup of coffee, cozy up with your favorite blanket, and join us as we share our favorite books and the reasons why we can’t get enough of them.

Brad Smith
Social Media Manager

Rap Capital: An Atlanta Story

Author: Joe Coscarelli

What to expect: Over the past 20 years, Atlanta has been a dominant force in Hip-Hop. From the Dungeon Family, all the way to Lil Baby, Atlanta has seen some of the biggest artists coming out of the Captial of the South. Focusing on Quality Control Records, Joe Coscarelli dives deep into the history of the biggest stars to come out of Atlanta and looks at it through the lens of Coach K and P, two of the biggest movers and shakers to grow one of the most successful record labels in rap history.

Why I loved it: I grew up listening to Hip-Hop my entire life and it’s still very much engrained in my DNA. Atlanta rap became an important force during my teenage years and I lived to see a lot of these artists grow before my very eyes. So, reading about the behind-the-scenes and remembering a lot of details from that time has been refreshing. Along with that, it helped me learn more about the current stars.

Madeleine Pier
Senior Account Manager


Beneath A Scarlet Sky

Author: Mark Sullivan

What to expect: This novel tells a new WW2 story—Based on the true story of the young Italian Pink Lello, this novel follows Lella as he leaves Milan after his home is destroyed by Allied bombs. From there, he leads Jews to escape over the Alps. A beautifully written take on a new perspective of WW2. This book will make you smile, cry and feel everything in between.

Why I loved it: This story opened my eyes to an entirely new side of the history of WW2. Having never learned of Italy’s involvement in the war, I learned so much about this war’s history from a new perspective. A heartbreaking story, but one that left me feeling eager to learn more.

Zach Goins
Social Media Manager

Fire & Blood

Author: George R. R. Martin

What to expect: You’ve watched “House of the Dragon,” and now you’re trying to figure out how to pass the time until Season 2. Dive into the history of the Targaryen family and learn all about the greatest dynasty in Westeros.

Why I loved it: It’s not nearly as intimidating of a read as the other “Game of Thrones” books, coming across more like a history book than a novel. It’s big, but an easy read and fills in tons of gaps around what we see on TV in “House of the Dragon.”

Becca Jones
Social Media Manager

28 Summers 

Author: Elin Hilderbrand

What to expect: The perfect summer read. 28 Summers explores the benefits and consequences of a one-weekend-per-year affair—somehow, in a way that doesn’t make you cringe.

Why I loved it: Hilderbrand makes you feel sad and happy all at the same time. It’s not just another love story, and it’s not a happy ending either. She’s incredible at transporting readers to another place and makes you love characters whose actions are unethical. Really a push and pull.

Katie Gillen
Senior Partnerships Supervisor

Beach Read

Author: Emily Henry

What to expect: If you’re looking for a book that tells a warm, summery story during this cold winter this is a book for you. Expect different outlooks on love, infidelity, and more.

Why I loved it: I loved it because I love a book that shows growth in characters, surprises me, and changes my perspective on things. I also loved the unique setting and much-needed ties to summer when it is cold here in Atlanta.

Clay Benjamin
Junior Account Manager

Angels With Dirty Faces

Author: Jonathan Wilson

What to expect: If you’re a soccer fan – either a die-hard or new to the game, you’ll love this book. It walks you through the history of the game in Argentina and the biggest icons to play the game. Especially following Argentina’s success in the 2022 Men’s World Cup, now is a great time to jump in and learn about some of the crazy, unbelievable stories about a country that lives and breathes the game.

Why I loved it: What makes soccer a beautiful game is its ability to connect everyone across the world despite language barriers, and political, geographical, and religious differences. What makes it even more beautiful is how each nation interprets the game and plays its own style. Argentina has created and given the world some of the best players of all time and is home to one of the most successful styles of play the world has ever seen. Argentina lives and breathes the sport and it is so engrained into their culture, and this book gives you the full details.

Mitchell Sancier
Social Media Manager

The Obstacle is the Way

Author: Ryan Holiday

What to expect: This book teaches you how to deal with obstacles in life and gives the reader different scenarios of how leaders in society have overcome some of the same obstacles you may be experiencing

Why I loved it: Personally, I loved it because it teaches you better mechanisms on how to deal with adversity. Also, it gives the reader clear-cut rules and sayings to repeat to yourself whenever you are faced with adversity and how to overcome it!

Rachael Lackner
Account Manager

Staying with My Boys

Author: Jim Proser with Jerry Cutter

What to expect:A biography told from a first-person perspective about the life of the greatest heroes of the Greatest Generation, Sgt. John Basilone.

Why I loved it: I loved The Pacific and growing up in San Diego, the name “Basilone” is highly recognizable. Although his military accomplishments are well-known and celebrated, it was interesting to read about his upbringing and personal life. Sgt. Basilone helped change the course of history with his efforts in the Pacific and reading about what WWII was like from his point of view was really compelling.

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