December 17, 2019

The Future of Monetization on Social Media with Blake Lawrence

How do athletes, celebrities and influencers effectively monetize their social media channels? What’s the most effective way to have a spokesperson advertise for you? Should you use a larger influencer with a huge following to maximize eyeballs and awareness of your product? What about a smaller level influencer who may not have as many followers, but gets better. engagement?  If you want the answers to those questions and many others like it, this episode is for you! Blake Lawrence, Co-Founder and CEO of opendorse, joined the Business of Social to tell us how all athletes/influencers/celebrities should be using social to grow their brand and increase their monetization efforts to get ahead of the pack. We also discuss what brands should be doing to leverage their messaging, the importance of micro-influencers, product advertising and more on episode 50!

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