June 6, 2023

GOAT Spotlight: Robert Felizardo

GOAT Spotlight: Robert Felizardo

Welcome to our GOAT Spotlight series, where we proudly showcase the exceptional members of our team here at STN Digital.

As a social-first marketing agency, we launch brands and build highly engaged audiences all due to the incredible talent that thrives within our digital walls. 

Continuing our series of spotlights, we are thrilled to introduce our Art Director, Robert Felizardo. Rob possesses an extraordinary knack for bringing visions to life, and being the ultimate team player.

Rob’s invaluable contributions have played a pivotal role in elevating our creative department. Not only has he helped lead our team’s remarkable achievements, but he is an extremely collaborative and creative part of our team. Notably, his impressive portfolio includes projects for clients such as the Green Bay Packers and SDSU’s Snapdragon Stadium, earning him recognition in publications such as The San Diego Tribune and Sports Illustrated.

Q: Can you tell us about your role and your time here at STN Digital?

A: I joined STN 2 years ago as an Art Director. I get to help determine the look and feel of creative campaigns along with reviewing and approving much of the incredible work that our team releases. I also execute creative asks whenever I can. Aside from being an Art Director, I also help with live coverage during Green Bay Packers game days by creating static and motion pieces every Sunday.

Q: What is your favorite part of working at our company?

A: I think if you ask anyone here, they’ll all say the same thing: the people. We’ve got a group here that not only works for our clients, but works for each other. Everyone here is so talented at what they do and are all incredible people. We use a platform called “15Five” and one of the features allows us to give “High Fives” to fellow teammates to shout out their hard work on a specific project or for just being plain awesome. A handful of those High Fives are then read to the rest of the team during our Weekly Team Meeting so the rest of the company can see the praise.


Q: What has been your favorite creative piece you have worked on? 

A: Almost as soon as I joined, I began working on the campaign surrounding the launch of Snapdragon Stadium. I was fortunate enough to be given the chance to work on such an important campaign for the city of San Diego and for my alma mater, San Diego State University. For the stadium launch, I took over the reins in regards to the art direction, along with designing various creative pieces ranging from social graphics to billboards and even to a set of trolley wraps.

One of the absolute coolest pieces that I worked on for the campaign was the set of advertisements we installed in Indianapolis who hosted the College Football National Championship Game in 2022. It included a full page cover and spread in  USA Today, billboards, and airport banners.

SDSU Billboard

Oh and also, if you look hard enough you might see me at the end of this commercial below! I mean you’ll really need to look hard because I can’t even find myself but I swear I was there!

Q: What has been your most challenging creative piece you have worked on?

A: I got the chance to create a social graphic for the Packers that was Halloween themed. This graphic involved a ton of stock photos and photo manipulation to bring it all together. This was something I had never really taken the time to try, but I loved being able to experiment with different techniques and features that I rarely used or even heard of in Photoshop.

Green Bay PAckers

Q: What’s a passion of yours outside of work and can you tell us about it?

A: I’m actually getting back into photography. My YouTube algorithm is just full of awesome photography channels so I’ve been hooked on watching those. Also, I’ve started to use my drone (DJI Mini 2) again to take photos around San Diego wherever I’m actually allowed to since much of the city is a no-fly zone. Very much trying to convince myself to buy a new drone that I don’t need at all. 


Q: What is on the top of your bucket list?

A: Watching a hockey game in each NHL team’s arena. I was able to knock out a big one back in 2019 when I traveled to Toronto to watch the Maple Leafs. If you’re a hockey fan and traveling to Toronto, be sure to check out the Hockey Hall of Fame! The interactive experiences are incredible and the amount of hockey history you get to take in is enough that I’m planning on taking my dad later this year so he can experience it for himself. I can’t wait to see him attempt a blocker save on a Sidney Crosby breakaway!


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