April 4, 2023

GOAT Spotlight: Katie Orchard

GOAT Spotlight: Katie Orchard

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our GOAT Spotlight Series, which showcases our exceptional GOATs and gives you an inside look into STN Digital as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

As a social-first marketing agency, we are experts at launching brands and building highly engaged audiences, and this is because of the exceptional team of people working here at STN Digital. Get ready to be inspired as we introduce you to our GOATs – the trailblazers at the forefront of the ever-evolving social landscape, driving impactful results for our amazing clients. 

Our first Spotlight is on Katie Orchard, our incredible Senior Producer. From working on-site at the Super Bowl to having her work featured in Forbes, Katie’s awe-inspiring production work for our clients is nothing short of exceptional.  She’s a driving force behind some epic campaigns and her contributions are invaluable to our team’s success.

Q: Can you tell us about your role/ your time here at STN?

A: I have been working at STN for 2.5 years as a producer and I love my job. My favorite way to describe what I do is: I get to make stuff up everyday. And for a person with a very imaginative brain, this is the dream. I get presented with problems and I get to come up with ideas on how to solve those problems in the most creative, engaging, and fun ways. From Bullsh*t Hotlines to red carpet content and even wrestling recap shows, I get to live and work with ideas, make them a reality, and then release them to the world. It’s pretty spectacular.


Q: What is your favorite part of working at our company?

A: Listen, you all know that I’m down to preach the gospel of the GOAT any day so I’ll keep it brief. This company is special. This company hires good people who are motivated with aspirations. This company has leaders who care about employees and provide more transparency than I’ve seen in any other company. This company WANTS to work together and create amazing things. And I feel very fortunate to be considered a GOAT alongside the rest of you.


Q: What is the most interesting project you’ve worked on here?

A: Oh man, it’s really hard to choose. And I am incredibly fortunate to be able to use a variety of skill sets at this job so I’ll pick one from each.

As a producer, I feel very proud of the work I did on the AEW Awards, especially the second year when I wanted to take on more responsibility and see if I had really learned anything in the year that had passed. I am incredibly proud of the weird, fun, extravagant show we produced that saw over 40K views in the first hour it was live (currently at 368K views on YouTube).

As a photographer, being able to say “I photographed for TikTok at the Super Bowl” is pretty cool but there was something special documenting the construction of Snapdragon Stadium. I got to know the construction workers, see the process of a stadium being built literally from the ground up, and at the end of the process, my photos ended up in Forbes. WHICH IS INSANE.

And as a writer, I loved writing the Bullsh*t Hotline for Poker Face. It meant Rian Johnson read a script I wrote and APPROVED IT. Natasha Lyonne recorded a script that I wrote. Like, what?! But I would be lying if I didn’t say the most important thing I’ve gotten out of writing at STN is finding my writing partner, Taylor. I absolutely love working with her. There is nothing that I won’t consider her for in all of my future writing projects inside and outside of STN.


Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

A: Teleportation – Obviously. No more sitting in traffic. No more turbulence on airplanes. And so much time back to be doing more creative things.


Q: What’s a passion of yours outside of work and can you tell us about it?

A: SO 👏MANY 👏THINGS👏! As you can tell, I am a multi-passionate creative who loves ideas and art. I am a comedian and photographer here in San Diego and I also play drums, paint, and write. Literally, I just keep busy because idle hands are no good. But what I’m most excited about is a short film that I wrote with two friends, my first independent project that I am producing and directing. Keep an eye out this summer for something fun!


Stay tuned for more GOAT Spotlights to come! If you want to learn more about us click here. If you want to apply to our open positions click here.

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