August 26, 2020

Panel: Haircare and Beauty – How to Build a Loyal Community

David is joined by two leaders in the beauty industry, Hannah Beals (VP, Brand Marketing @ OUAI) and Erin Dwyer (VP, Digital @ OUAI). The group takes a high-level look into the business of beauty, OUAI’s social strategy, and how to build a loyal community around your brand.

Topics discussed:

  • Why is social strategy so important?

  • Why do you see so much value in creating a community around your brand?

  • How can other brands follow suit?

  • What do most brands get wrong when it comes to social?

  • What immediate challenges did you face when the pandemic hit?

  • How did you rise to that challenge? What are some effective strategies you’ve been able to use with everyone working remotely?

  • With traditional marketing being affected, what digital or social pivots did you make to adjust?

  • What have you learned in terms of leadership and teamwork during this?

  • What has been the biggest change in your industry?

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