July 12, 2018

How to Monetize Your Social Media with Jordan Maleh

Jordan Maleh has been a Marketing Manager for the New York Knicks, the Director of Digital Marketing at Michigan University and has spent the last 3 years as the Director of Digital Marketing & Communications at the Big Ten Network. On this episode, Jordan sheds some knowledge on the industry with topics like: – Facebook’s Killing of Organic Reach For Brand Pages – Sports Fans and the Instagram Algorithm Issue – How do you measure success internally on social media? – What’s your main KPI in your position? – With the rise of cord cutters and OTT’s, how are TV networks rising to the challenge – What mergers and acquisitions of TV networks mean for social handles – What brands in the space are “doing it right” on social – Do you anticipate Fortune 500 companies spending more on social feeds like yours in 2018? – BTN’s E-Sports Strategy – What types of agencies/vendors/tools do you work with to support your digital department? – Ad Week: BTN’s Omnichannel Evolution is Paying Off With Increased – TV and Digital Viewership

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