August 27, 2019

How StockX Changed the Sneaker Game with Dana Robinson

On today’s episode we were joined by Dana Robinson, the VP of Content at StockX. Dana has worked at NBC, Fandango, Turner and is now overseeing all things content at StockX.  We spoke with Dana about building a loyal brand following and what steps brands need to take in order to come across to their fans as authentic. “You have to start with the product and you need to get to a critical mass of sales to gain credibility with your buyers and sellers, so that when you are trying to do something more cultural and tell your story, you have a foundation in place that you can build upon.”  Other topics include managing employee scale, marketing and sales alignment and following the data. How often should you be looking into what your data is telling you? What’s working? What’s not? How do you adjust your strategy on the fly to align with your what your data is telling you?

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