November 30, 2021

How Full Squad Gaming Got 900K Followers in 3 Days with Ben Gallagher

Ben Gallagher has had stops at Nike, the NFL, House of Highlights, and is now the COO and co-founder of Full Squad Gaming. Ben oversees Full Squad Gaming’s social strategy and has amassed millions of followers across platforms. Needless to say, he’s been around the block. In this episode, we talked with Ben about what it takes to build a brand, grow its following, and keep consumers entertained and coming back for more. Questions covered in the podcast include: -Do social media stunts actually work? -How Ben and his team managed to acquire 900K followers in 3 days? -What’s the secret behind putting up huge numbers on TikTok? -How do you cater to both hardcore fans and the casual consumer on the same feed?

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