October 27, 2021

Instagram Collabs: How It Works and 3 Ways to Enhance Your Brand Reach

Instagram Collabs: How It Works and 3 Ways to Enhance Your Brand Reach

Instagram is back with another major platform update called Collabs. By now, you’ve likely seen a few come across your feed, where two accounts are listed as the creators of the post. If you’re wondering what exactly Collabs are and how your brand can get in on the action, we’ve got you covered.

Essentially, Instagram Collabs allows you to invite someone to collaborate in a feed post or Reel and then will share that post to both users’ followers. It’s a useful feature for creators and brands as it provides an easy way to tap into relevant new audiences. Posts that use the Collab feature share views, likes, and comments allowing you to leverage and engage with each other’s communities.

As STN Digital’s CEO David Brickley explained, “Collabs is a simple feature addition by IG, but a really significant change in your reach, allowing brands to be exposed to new audiences and get the maximum amount of engagement on any collaboration.” 

Collabs Breakdown:

  • Both names appear on the header

  • Post shares views, likes, engagements, and comments

  • Live on both profiles

  • Only works on public accounts

  • For a full breakdown on how to create and accept a Collab, check this out

Instagram vs. TikTok

If Collabs sounds a lot like TikTok’s Duet feature, that’s because it is. Morning Brew called the update “a mix between tagging 2.0 and Duets 2.0.” It is a big step for Instagram in making sure creators can maximize their reach on the platform in the same way users can on TikTok.

Other platforms, like TikTok, are known for growing creators and delivering almost overnight fame, while Instagram has excelled in creating a space for established brands and public figures to stay connected with audiences built elsewhere. While staying connected with audiences is essential, it has become more challenging to build a following from the ground up on Instagram.

It would seem this pain point is what drove Instagram to launch Collabs. The Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, did a live Q&A in June during the platform’s Creator Week where he said, “Instagram is much better at helping creators that have already made a name for themselves to do more online. TikTok is better at identifying new and young talent and helping them break out in the first place. And we have to be really good at that. We have historically focused on that less but I’m pushing my teams hard at getting better at doing well by the little guy.”

Collabs are certainly a step in the right direction for Instagram as they continue to evolve and engage younger and up-and-coming users on the platform.

3 Ways Collabs Can Enhance Your Brand Reach

So, what does Collabs mean for your brand? We know Instagram loves to juice the algorithm when any new feature launches and you can bet the platform will be promoting Collabs in the same way. We’ve outlined three ways your brand can enhance its reach through Collabs.

  1. Broaden Exposure 

    The cross-promotional aspect of Collabs means you can share a post on your brand’s page and then amplify it through a partner brand, influencer, or specific user based on your target needs. Partnering with a like-minded brand that can cross post your Instagram content exposes your organization to an ideal new audience filled with potential followers. It provides similar benefits of a paid post boosted to lookalike audiences, without the cost association. Your brand is now exposed to a new audience that will be more likely to engage, follow, and even make purchases from your organization.

  2. Announce a Premiere or Launch

    Collabs provide the perfect way to draw more attention to a promotional stunt or launch. If a streaming service is looking to promote a new show, they could post the trailer or a behind the scenes look and invite talent as a collaborator to easily increase visibility through the talent’s Instagram following. Collabs are also a useful way to get fans excited about upcoming game day matchups.

  3. Amplify Other Voices

    As a brand leveraging the Collabs feature, you have a unique opportunity to amplify those voices or accounts that might not be able to reach the same type of audience you have built. This provides the opportunity to raise awareness around topics important to your brand, highlight diverse creators, and add more variety to your current content.

Now’s the time to dig-in and find ways your organization can utilize the Collabs feature to increase exposure, engagements, and brand awareness. Interested in learning how your brand can utilize Collabs? Contact our expert team of strategists using the form below!

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