December 7, 2022

Your Marketing Team Deserves Better: 5 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Social Media Marketing Agency

Your Marketing Team Deserves Better: 5 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Social Media Marketing Agency

Wondering if you should work with a social media marketing agency or do all the work yourself? 

While no one knows your business better than you do, oftentimes keeping your marketing in-house takes effort, time, and without the right resources it can become very costly. It  might also be an indicator as to why your social media channels aren’t producing the results you’re looking for.

There are currently 4.74 billion global social media users and that number is increasing by 4.2% year over year. So, If we had to bet, we’d say your target audience is on social media

If you’re looking to successfully reach them, working with an experienced team of marketers who are dedicated to bringing in results could be a game changer for your brand. 

Plus, it’s less stressful, saves you money, and gives your team valuable time back. 

Here are the top 5 reasons hiring a social media marketing agency can benefit your company: 

Benefits to working with a social media marketing agency

The benefits of hiring a social media marketing agency

Working with a social media marketing agency helps eliminate inefficiencies and convert your social media audience into leads. Agencies have the ability to assist in areas such as graphic design, paid media, influencer marketing, content strategy, community management, on site production, and so much more. 

An agency will take on all the research, planning, strategizing, goal setting, campaign testingand executing to ensure your social media delivers the highest ROI for your business. 


1. Gives your team time back + saves you money

The immediate benefit to working with a social media marketing agency is having a team that can hit the ground running from day one. No marketing training is needed since they already have the skills. 

It will give you instant access to a team of experts and a range of social media tools at only a fraction of what it would cost to build up your own marketing department to the same extent.

This gives your current team time back to focus on areas they are more efficient in and provides them a better work/life balance. Having your team bring on an agency to lead your marketing campaigns takes one more thing off your already full plate! 


2. Access to proven experts

When you decide to work with a social media marketing agency, you get a whole team of experienced professionals who are experts in their field. 

These experts can range from graphic designers, copywriters, influencer marketing managers, paid media experts, content strategists, photographers and videographers, social media managers, and even analytic leads.

Agencies work with an array of clients across industries so they understand the  strategies and practices that will work best for your brand. Their job is quite literally to execute the best social media campaigns for your business and generate the best results possible to ensure you reach your performance goals.


3. Proven data and testing

The top social media marketing agencies have enormous amounts of historical data from past clients in varying industries. 

How does this help? Well, they have likely worked with a company within your industry and that means they understand exactly what social media strategies will meet your needs. They know what works on each social media platform for your niche and what doesn’t work.

There is far less trial and error when working with an agency, which saves your company time and money. 

Having your team build and implement a successful marketing campaign requires continuous reporting and monitoring. However, if you partner with an agency, those strategies have already been built and tested by the marketing team, as they easily replicate their secret sauce strategies. And if internal reporting is a painpoint for your team, agencies will always provide clients with performance reports so you can clearly see the ROI from campaigns. It’s like having your own dedicated social analytics team


4. Dedicated resources

A successful social media marketing strategy can only go so far without the right set of tools to help make the magic happen. Tools can range from Sprout Social to schedule out posts, Adobe Creative Suite to develop designs, and project management software like Wrike or Asana. Most of these tools can be tricky to use and pretty pricey. 

When you work with a social media marketing agency, you get the team and you get the tools – all in one package. Which is a good thing, because agencies will have a lot more knowledge on how to efficiently use the tools.

Marketing agencies also provide resources with their ties to consultants, media publishers, and contacts within other avenues that can help boost your content. 


5. Knowledge of best practices

Social media marketing agencies constantly have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the newest industry trends and platform updates. They also know exactly what to do and how to respond when there are big changes.

This comes in handy as things in the social media world are constantly changing (take a look at X). The changes can be hard to keep up with, let alone understand. Working with an agency bridges the gap and allows you to focus on other matters while they handle your social media. 

Staying on top of the latest  best practices also means agencies are always ideating new ways for your brand to get in on the action. They know what items are trending and how to capitalize on them. This can be extremely useful when your internal team is struggling with  ideation.


Consider working with a social media marketing agency

If you’re looking to amp up social media marketing for your business, working with a full-service digital marketing agency is the move you need to make. 

It’s a fantastic opportunity to refresh your social strategy,generate leads, increase revenue in the long term, and have more time to focus on other areas of your business.

STN Digital is a social first marketing agency. Our team becomes a seamless extension of our client’s internal team in order to maximize your brand’s potential reach. Check out our services and our case studies to learn how we can help your brand create and implement a winning social strategy.


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